Chasms in Creation

Tukaaria's Raw to the Rapine is being released on CD later this year through Canadian label Profound Lore. Limited to 500 copies, includes material from Rapine and the split cassette with Odz Manouk. More info soon.

The vinyl version of Rapine will be handled by new U.S. label Fallen Empire, also limited to 500 copies. More info soon.

Down & Out Zine (Australia)

The first Tukaaria interview given. Includes a review of Raw to the Rapine. Limited copies will be available through Rhinocervs in the next week or so.


V/A - Odour of Dust & Rot Compilation

Tukaaria contributed the song Empty as the Prophecy for the upcoming Rhinocervs compilation "Odour of Dust & Rot." A T-shirt design of our art in the compilation booklet was released last month and is near sold-out of the first run. We will have more sizes available in coming weeks for sale here

Split Release w/ Odz Manouk

Tukaaria just finished 3 new tracks for a split with Odz Manouk. Listen to a clip here:


Raw to the Rapine

Tukaaria's Raw to the Rapine album released March, 2011
6 tracks total at 30 mins. Limited to 200 copies on Rhinocervs
Listen to the title track here:

Tukaaria - Raw to the Rapine by Rhinocervs


Rhinocervs 'Various Artists' Tape

Tukarria will be contributing 2 tracks for a
cassette compiled by the Rhinocervs label
Available December 2010

Tukaaria/Volahn Split Album

Tukaaria/Volahn Split Cassette
Co-Released by RhinocervsCrepusculo Negro labels
1st Press Ltd. 200 hand-numbered copies
Tukaaria presents 3 exclusive tracks
2. Giver of Oblivion
3. Omta